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Official Poster for coming of Relic of St. John Bosco in Pasil, Cebu City

Get to Know “I am St. John Bosco” ( Don Bosco Pasil Activity)

The Salesian Youth Movement- FIS is organizing a program called, “Get the Fire: St. John Bosco’s Relic is coming.” This program aims to prepare the Cebuano Youth for the coming of the relic of St. John Bosco to Cebu in Dec. 12 to 23, 2010. This is a grace-filled moment for the Cebuano Youth as the Father and Teacher of the Young comes into their midst.

The program contains a series of activities that allow the youth to journey towards a deeper knowledge and devotion to St. John Bosco who spent his whole life for the youth especially those who are poor and abandoned.

Here is the overview of the activities:
Get to Know - “I am St. John Bosco” September
(Film showing of “St. John Bosco: Mission to Love”)

Get the Feeling “I touch” October
(Immersion to the work of St. John Bosco’s followers)

Get into the Fever “YOUNGnited” November
(Together enjoy learning from the life and works of St. John Bosco)

Get the Spirit “Ül-b-N-mY- ” December
(Youth recollection about St. John Bosco)

Details of the Activity

Name of the Activity : Getting to know St. John Bosco
Objective : To view and discuss the life of St. John Bosco
Recipients : Salesian Youth, alumni and Youth beyond our settings (1st– 4th year High school to college and Areas)
Venue : Sto. Niño Parish- Pasil, Cebu City
October 2, 2010 @ 7:00 pm- 10:30 pm
Duration : 4 hours and 30 minutes in session
(But the registration will start @ 6:30 pm-7:30 pm)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Activities in Don Bosco Youth Center - Pasil from November 2009 to Febuary 2010

These are the activities in Don Bosco Youth Center- Pasil from November 2009 to February 2010..

Halloween/Costume Party
(October 31, 2009)

DBYC Pasil Christmas Party with Jollibee
(December 22,2009)

Halad kang Sto. Niño - DBYC Youth Nite 2010

( January 09, 2010)

Heavy Rain Procession of St. John Bosco (January 30, 2010)

Feast of Don Bosco (01-31-2010)

DBYC Youth Animators Fellowship -Mocha's Grasas
(Febuary 05, 2010)

Activities in Don Bosco Youth Center-Pasil from October 2009 to January 2010

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Parents Unconditional Love Pasil Family

A Parents Unconditional Love Pasil Family

By Cindy J. Castigador

A story based on our neighbor.

Here’s the story of a woman named Mayet. She is very fat, untidy and poor. Despite of that, she’s still happy with her life. She respects everyone and most of all, she’s god-fearing. She’s illiterate, but she knows how to make her own decisions without doubts. She lives life to the full. Until the day she met the man named Negro. He is dark, tall and cute in some ways. His masculine body shocked Mayet. Her eyes searched the man, and she was totally amazed by his structure. Then Negro noticed that Mayet was staring at him. She was having a day dream! “Have I passed your standards, Miss Mayet?” But Mayet was still in a day dream! She didn’t know the man was walking towards her. It was unbelievable that at that moment they both felt the same. Happy? No, more than that, they were both in love with each other. It all happened so quickly and unexpectedly. They were married after having met a few days before. They now have six children.

Since Mayet is illiterate, it is difficult for her to find a job. Her husband’s salary is just enough to cover their expenses. The couple doesn’t give up. They work together to raise their children well, but unfortunately one of their children became a thief. It was hard for them to accept this truth about their child. They have begged their son not to do bad things, and not to go out at night. But their son rebelled and escaped during the nights. When day came there were lots of complaints. His father was so angry, but he has pity for his son. His mother wanted to take him to the ‘Missionaries of Charity’, even though to take him to this orphanage would be hurting the deepest part of her heart. But it is the only way to solve the problem. Her husband agreed with her decision, and they entrusted him to the Missionaries of Charity. However, their son cried and begged not to be left there. The couple’s heart leaped with mixed emotions; shock, amazement, happiness, doubt, uncertainty at the reaction of their son. He was begging and begging his parents. In ones sense they were happy that the boy had promised to be a good son. On the other hand they were also worried that maybe it was a trick. Maybe he was just reacting in this way to convince his parents not to leave him at the Missionaries. Mayet and Negro didn’t continue with their plan.

These days they live a simple and happy life. Their family bond has become stronger. The lovely couple have noticed the big change in their son. Their son now goes to church and respects everyone in the community. So this story presents you with a chance to change your life and to follow the right path, not the wrong path. There will be a time you will realize your faults. Don’t give up and don’t ever loose hope!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Don Bosco Pasil

Official Name: Don Bosco Training Center and Youth Center - Pasil

Parokya ni Sto. Niño of Don Bosco Pasil

Location: L. Flores Street, Pasil, Cebu City

Primary Service:Parish – Training Center –Youth Center – Social Services

Salesian Community



In 1977, the Santo Niño Parish of the community was entrusted to the administration of the Salesians by His Eminence, the late Cardinal Rosales.

Youth Center

Youth signifies hope and promise for the future. But this hope and promise cannot be realized if the youth of today are not properly trained and educated

to meet life’s challenges and difficulties. Idleness with poverty as a result of being an out-of-school has forced the young people of Pasil to engage in drug addiction and in crimes.

Social Services
Through Don Bosco Youth Center, Don Bosco Pasil provides social services to the children, the youth and the families in the area through the following: Nutrition Program, Scholarship Program, Medical and Dental Assistance, Free Clinic Program, Loan Assistance Program and the Daily Oratory. Don Bosco Pasil serves over 1,500 individuals through these social services and nearly 500 families.

Vocational Training Center

Concerned with this alarming and growing problem, Don Bosco Fathers and Brothers organized and established in 1969 the Manpower Training Center to specifically provide skills training program to poor but deserving out-of–school of the area and arm them with skills they needed to uplift their conditions in life and better still, to keep them off the streets from its evils and ploys.

In keeping with chronological development sweeping the country and the industry’s demand for highly competent workers, Don Bosco- Pasil has organized its training program to specialization of Machine Shop, Automotive, Welding, Woodworking, and Dressmaking. This is also an answer to the demand of Cebu’s Economic Boom.

Courses Offered
Wood and Furniture Technology
Automotive Technology
Mechanical Technology
Dress Making Technology

Requirements for Enrollment
  • Birth Certificate
  • Diploma
  • Report Card
  • 1 x1 4 pcs ID Pic
  • 2 x 2 ID Pic
  • Brown Envelope- Long
  • Chest X-ray
  • Brgy Clearance
  • Police Clearance

Salesian Community
Bro. Carlomagno Bacalla - Training Director/ in-charge: Alumni
Fr. Leonard Mcmanus - confessor
Fr. Adrian Mendoza - Assistant Parish Parish/ Youth Center
Fr. Donato Ofina - Rector/ Parish Priest/Administrator/ in-charge: Cooperators

Don Bosco Youth Center
L. Flores St., Pasil
Cebu City

P.O. Box 591
6000 Cebu City

+ 63 (032) 261-00-10 Youth Center
+ 63 (032) 261-00-62 Parish
+ 63 (032) 262-05-33 FAX


Don Bosco-Pasil is situated in one of Cebu’s most depressed areas. It serves 5.000 children and young people in its youth and training centers and serves thousands more of the local families in its social services – medical clinic, feeding center, scholarship program. It traces its roots in 1967 when the Aboitizes, the Salesians and the SVD Fathers joined hands and embarked on a project, called Cebu Boys’ Center, designed to alleviate the sad plight of Cebu’s wayward youths to curb the burgeoning juvenile delinquency problem of the city.

Following the devastating typhoon hit Cebu City with Pasil district suffering the most damage, Fr. Luis Ricciarelli offered his services by facilitating contributions from various social agencies of the city. The Salesians started their apostolate in the area slowly building the Don Bosco Youth and Training Center. The Center was built to reach out and provide guidance to out-of-school youths who would otherwise be victims of various kinds of social evils when left unattended to.

During these last few years changes favorable to the creation of a more dignified community have taken place. Among the factors that contribute to the community’s social upliftment one can mention the growing sense of pride among the residents as well as the valuable contribution of the various government agencies and private civic groups. Together with these bodies Don Bosco- Pasil offers a strong, continuing program of total human development of the community.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Center in Don Bosco Pasil

Our Center in Don Bosco Pasil

Our Don Bosco Youth Center is located in L. Flores St. Pasil Cebu City. We believe it is the most suitable place in Pasil where young people can meet in view of their integral development.

The Center's Vision-Mission asserts:

VISION: "Naglantaw nga ang Don Bosco Youth Center mamahimong sentro nga nagpalambo sa kabatan-onan sa iyang kinabuhing spiritual ug kinatibuk-an, giniyahan sa pagtulun-an ni San Juan Bosco."

MISSION: " Aron makab-ot namo among gilantaw, nagsaad kami nga mangalagad sa among katungdanan pinaagi sa pag-ambit sa among nagkausang partisipasyon.

GOAL: Pagpalambo sa kabatan-onan.

The Center has 8 Youth Group: KOA, Savio, Juventus, Auxillium, FLV, BIBLOS, Magone (Sports Clinic) and Don Bosco Children's Choir.

Different formative activities are given to these club in order to fulfill our vision. The members of our center number around three hundred that are facilitated and guided by at least two animators per group. Moreover, it is under the care of the Salesian whose mission in the Church is to save the soul of the young.